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Sir Michael Caine - Maike Barbara Maier

Sir Michael Caine - Maike Barbara Maier

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Print on partial rusted Metal



Uncoated Edged A partially pre-corroded iron plate that received its individual
rust streak over many weeks.
The design of a gridded image of an old contact sheet with
Sir Michael Caine fits perfectly into the work and also receives
its content-related connection with the underlying corrosion area. Acrylic selection crosses set 3D accents.
Metal as a carrier of a work of art gives a really special effect through its density alone and any assumption that it conveys coolness is r evised by the warm rust areas at the latest.
The plate is unsealed and leaves it up to the collector to decide when the corrosion stops, he becomes part of the process himself. The top is edged and can therefore be hung immediately and easily. The work is ready for shipment within 3 working days or can be picked up in Bochum/Germany.

You will receive it with a sealed and signed certificate of authenticity.

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