Collection: Hannes Schauer

After living in London, Istanbul and Southeast Asia I moved back to my home country Austria and am currently residing in Vienna. I am mainly a painter but also a composer of electronic music. As a painter I am not interested in the classic work process where you have an idea, make a sketch and finally paint in order to arrive at the preconceived work. I am much more interested in the accidents, flares, mistakes, the wild layering and experiments along the way. This is almost always the better work filled with mystery, surprise and otherness. My inspiration comes partly from my professional experience of working with people on the fringes of society. In this capacity as psychological advisor and yogatrainer, I have worked with neuro-diverse children and adolescents in painting workshops and creative therapy.

Another strong source of inspiration for me is nature. The abundance of mesmerising patterns and structures never ceases to fascinate me. The materials I use are mainly acrylic paint, antique ink and water on primed or raw canvas. My artistic journey started in portraiture and has taken me via the intersection of abstraction and figuration into abstract expressionism. Here I am particularly intrigued with color field painting, soak-stain-technique and action painting. In my process I am constantly trying to push my limits in terms of using and combining new colours, styles, forms and shapes in order to encourage conversation, a re-thinking, a re-mapping which I consider hugely important in these polarising times. My art degree is from the College for Arts, Crafts & Design in Kramsach, Austria. I have worked with high-profile clients, international art dealers, interior designers and galleries. My work is featured in various art collections around the world. 

Currently I am working with Yudian Gallery in China, Bondt Gallery in Hamburg and Blue Rhino Art Consultancy in London. Selected Exhibitions include: Liverpool Biennial, International Art Week Istanbul, Art Basel (ArtBoxProject), International Art Fair Milan, Abtei Brauweiler Köln, Herbstzeitlose Kopenhagen, Galerie Du Projet 101 Paris


Hannes Schauer
contemporary artist