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Gemstone Sodalite - Ronja Chlebowski

Gemstone Sodalite - Ronja Chlebowski

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Dimension: 160x120cm 

Year Completed: 2023 

Medium: Acrylic on raw cotton 

Custom Made Floated Frame




Logic, truth and inner peace pave the way for wonderful emotional wellbeing with the Sodalite stone. Also called The Poet’s Stone, Sodalite invites you to see the beauty in life and to communicate this grace in the most eloquent of ways. For writers, it is a striking stone to bring to the table as it encourages you to pick up a pen and let it flow. 

It’s a stone that reminds you to tap into those powerful instincts and to strike a balance between the head and the heart so you can always live in alignment with your truest self. For those who love to live a life aligned with their creative side, Sodalite is a stone that kindles the imagination and encourages artful expression.

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