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Licked off - Maike Barbara Maier

Licked off - Maike Barbara Maier

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Acrylic on Canvas



Lots of depth on a squeaky-clean, colourful background.
Only slight flashes of the strong tones give an idea of how much diversity is hidden behind the obvious surface! You want to work your way in to know what it will look like there. Licking it would be one solution. Like the lollipop that promises various layers of flavours while you are still in the first liquorice mode. Thematically transferable to our eternal search for the next adventure,
the new discovery, the breakthrough,
the achievement, the "next big thing"!
How wonderful that this inner drive exists and that nature always keeps us on a course of development. At best, of course, it reflects well on your surroundings and nature.
Warm as well as cool anthracite nuances, to resounding neon oragne pink power in straight movement across the entire linen surface.

Ready for dispatch in 3 working days or can be pick up in Bochum/Germany. Incl. signed and sealed certificate of authenticity.

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