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Own your truth - Maike Barbara Maier

Own your truth - Maike Barbara Maier

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Print, Acryl, Hahnemühle, Acrylglas



You see a fine art print on Hahnemühle that turns many small dots into a double Marilyn Monroe. The doubling indicates, on the one hand, that it was torn apart and, on the other hand, how it was perceived. The print is provided with a distance plexiglass plate that has been processed with acrylic on both sides - here again the reference to different sides / views / opinions.
In all the outstanding letters is "OWN YOUR TRUTH", YOUR and TRUTH are torn up - both of which can and will be constantly questioned
(more topical than ever). Your truth and the truth itself. When you've really seen all the options, OWN IT.
Different opinions divide society more blatantly than was thought possible today. Hopefully we can post Monroe's outcry: acceptance, appreciation, education, openness, movement and LOVE! also follow below each and every one of us.

It is placed in a slim, smart wooden frame.

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