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Paste II - Maike Barbara Maier

Paste II - Maike Barbara Maier

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Acryl on Canvas



Paste II and II are a long-promised follow-up to the exhibition series "Interest in Black". Repeatedly, sections of deep black and anthracite become visible in the direction of the pull across the picture surface. Reminiscent of paper that had to be pulled out of the printer after being stuck, showing the unplanned contact with the toner. If you allow the surface to concentrate on lightness, you get a glimpse of people, escapes and landscape. The monochrome gives clarity, freedom, depth and unadorned being.
No exaggeration, serenity. To the work there is a wonderfully combinable piece in the same format "Paste III".

The painting is ready for delivery within 3 days or can be picked up in Bochum/Germany. You will receive it with a sealed certificate of authenticity.

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